Xanian sexuality is significantly different from that of standard humanoid sexuality in a number of markedly radical areas. The Xanians adhere to a number of sexual practices that most species, especially humans, and many other species would find somewhat odd if not outright disturbing. However, the physical, emotional, biological and psychological aspects of Xanian sexuality differs greatly from most others, and it would be most beneficial to view it from the perspective of the Xanians themselves, as an entirely different species with their own standards of right and wrong, love and hatred, and sexual reproduction. Because of the considerably different biological factors of the species, male and female in the traditional sense known to humans does not exist in Xanians. For the purpose of this article, Xanian "males" will be defined as apexes (summit/peak), and Xanian "females" as nadirs (opposite/below).

Biological and physiological aspectsEdit

The Xanians are purely dioecious, meaning that there are only two genders within the species; apex and nadir. The nadirs are analogous to the feminine gender in most species, more akin to the female population of humanity in similarity. Nadirs account for the overwhelming majority of the Xanians species, making up ninety-five percent of the total population. The apexes are analogous to the masculine population of a species, closely matching the males of the human race. Apexes make up the other five percent of the Xanian population, however, only 60% of the apex population actively takes part in the reproductive process of the species, with the rest focusing on roles that demand their full attention, thus preventing them from building families.

Physical anatomy and reproductionEdit

Apex and nadir Xanians are anatomically similar, though with regards to reproduction, they are very different. As in all species, the Xanians react to sexual stimuli, though these generally differ from that of humans in several ways. Apexes are responsible for egg production and fertilization, with both roles are biologically impossible in the nadir population. Thus, a single apex is capable of producing a offspring using only the biological capabilities he possesses, with no outside assistance from a nadir. Nadirs simply serve as guardians, caregivers, and laborers, and as a species, typically have no role in the reproductive process. However, nadir do possess wombs, though they lack the fallopian tubes and ovaries found in the females of other races, and thus lack a menstrual cycle as well. Nadirs are capable of carrying an egg within their body following sexual intercourse with an apex should he be so inclined, and allow the nadir to care for the offspring herself.

Nadir anatomy and reproductive systemEdit

Nadirs have external and internal genitalia, as well as vestigial reproductive organs not unlike that of female humans. For nadirs, they have all the same genitalia as humans such as the vulva. However, they also possess the same genitalia found in males, though these are located internally, and any action regarding their use requires them to be moved outside of the nadir's body. Unlike human females, the genitalia of nadirs are generally uniform in appearance, with only two or three known variations in appearance.

External nadir anatomyEdit

Nadir Xanians genitalia is not so different from that of human females, with all of the same parts, such as the mons veneris (Mound of Venus), the labia minora and majora, and the clitoris. The mons veneris grows in size as a nadir exits puberty, and is incredibly sensitive to stimulation as in human females. However, there are considerably more nerve endings in this area of a nadir's body, and almost anything can cause a form of stimulation. Therefore, clothing styles are designed to accommodate that feature of the nadir anatomy, typically with ultra low rise undergarments or ones with sheer or patted material. Much like their human counterparts, the Xanian labia minora grows in size when aroused, though turns more of a dark brown to near grayish color instead of a red wine color given the black coloration of Xanian blood. The clitoral hood itself is a long, black prehensile organ about an inch and a half in length, half an inch wide at the base, and no more than two centimeters thick in all. The entire organ is flexible, though normally kept against the opening to the vagina, and serves as an erogenous zone. Located beneath the hood are the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. , and on both ends at the base of the clitoral hood, two retractable fangs.

The fangs themselves can be used to inject a paralyzing venom, typical utilized by the nadirs to trick an individual into having intercourse with them, and injecting the venom into their victim, allowing the nadirs to sexually assault the individual. The venom has no effect on apexes however. Though much of the exterior appearance of the Xanian vagina is dark brown, the interior is closer to a blackish color as a result of the blood vessels which supply the blood for the genitals. Nadirs possess the Bartholin's glands as found in female humans, though it produces more than a few drops of the lubricant used during intercourse. Instead, nadir Xanians produce up to half a liter of vaginal lubrication, which is highly corrosive to non-Xanian species. The lubricate is vital, as it not only makes intercourse easier and less painful, but also aids in the smooth extension of the nadir phallus inside of the vagina, though the phallus is always coated in a thin film of the lubricate within the vagina for extension outside of the body for non-sexual activities. This allows for the phallus to be extended without causing irritation from the friction caused by the phallus moving within the body. The phallus itself is connected to the bladder, allowing it to be used for urination, which is the most common use for the organ aside from sexual intercourse by the nadirs.

Finally, the breasts of Xanian nadirs are generally larger and firmer than those of human females. Like some human cultures, the Xanian find the breasts to be erotic, though they do not share the same taboo of nudity regarding them. The nipples of nadirs are inverted, with a horizontal opening, with rather swollen, black areola extending to a near point supporting them. Female Xanian do not produce milk, lacking the need for it, but instead produce a sexual fluid similar to that of precum, which has an amber coloration and is not unlike honey in consistency. When aroused, Xanian breasts will begin producing the fluid, and upon orgasm, will produce even greater quantities of the fluid. Because of the stronger and thicker skin of the Xanians, the breasts of nadirs are not prone to sagging, and remain in good health and shape throughout the entire lifetime of the nadir. Nadirs metabolize testosterone differently than human females, allowing a Xanian nadir to build muscle without the loss of her breasts. As testosterone is a male hormone in humans, human females who produce a lot of it in their attempt to build muscle mass successfully, end up losing their breasts as the estrogen responsible for their size and the glands within them begins to lessen to the point that they disappear, an issue Xanian nadirs have never encountered.

Internal nadir anatomyEdit

Xanian nadirs are born without ovaries and connecting fallopian tubes, instead simply possessing the vaginal canal and womb. Likewise, nadirs lack a hymen, with a notable result of this being that the Xanians as a culture do not share the human concept of female virginity. Lacking ovaries as a whole, females do not producing eggs and therefore do not undergo a menstrual cycle, and generally regard the cycle as an alien concept. As a gender, all nadir Xanians are infertile and lack the ability to produce or sire children with other members of their species. As with male humans, the body of a Xanian nadir is largely incompatible with the internal production of children, and the Xanians as a species view females in other species having children similar to the way humans view men having children; an alien concept that is best left unexplored. Rather, nadirs are capable of holding an egg for a short period of time, and release the egg as their body begins to reject it as the egg matures.

All females are born with a phallus, located within the vagina above the vaginal canal. The phallus itself varies in size, though the average size of a nadir's unstimulated phallus is about five inches in length and two inches in diameter. When erect, it is about six and a half inches long and two inches in diameter. However, all are black in color due to the blood in the organ, and conical in shape and appearance with a rounded point at the end, clearly dissimilar to that of a human or Xanian apex's phallus. A large fleshly growth near the rear-end of the organ, is attached to the phallus at the end, serving as something of a knob or filler piece to keep the phallus in place. It does not produce sperm like in the human men, but instead serves as a powerful muscular pump to force the sexual fluids during orgasm through the phallus.

When aroused, the nadir phallus can either be extended outside of the vaginal opening, or left inside depending on the situation. The phallus must be manually pushed back into the vagina, though only until the muscular knob is placed inside, after-which the internal muscles are enough to retract the rest of the phallus back into the body unassisted. The phallus produces a natural lubricant which is considerably more voluminous than that of a human male. Upon reaching an orgasm, a nadir ejaculating through her phallus produces up to several fluid ounces of seminal fluid, which varies in volume based on age, with adults producing the most and children and adolescents producing the least, though in the case of the latter, it is still more than that produced by a human male. As in apexes, nadir seminal fluid is amber in color, an amberish in appearance.

Apex anatomy and reproductive systemEdit

The genitalia of an apex Xanian is rather similar to that of a human male, allowing for reproduction and sexual intercourse in a suitable fashion. However, unlike their human counterpart, apexes are entirely capable of producing children without the aid of a nadir. They produce a limitless supply of fertile eggs throughout their lifetime, numbering in the millions of individual egg cells. As such, a single apex possess the unique advantage of being able to rebuild the Xanian population by himself should he be required too.

External apex anatomyEdit

The external genitalia of the apex Xanian is the penis and the scrotum, both of which are supported by several internal organs. The penis is responsible for sexual intercourse, and the passage of sperm, urine, and fertilized egg cells. The average size of an apex penis is about six inches long and two inches in diameter when flaccid, and ten inches long and two and a half inches in diameter when erect. Like the penises of human males, the Xanian apex's penis is divided into the shaft, the glans, and the root. The penis has its own dedicated supply of blood completely separate from that in the rest of the body, which is put to use during arousal without calling upon blood from the rest of the body. As a result, an apex can maintain an erection indefinitely, and even after several ejaculations can maintain this erection without physical pain.

Apexes are not born with foreskin, and do not have the custom of circumcision as found in human societies. The skin and muscles of the penis are strong enough that castration is impossible, and like with circumcision, the concept of removing the penis of an apex is unknown. In fact, the idea itself is considered barbaric by Xanian principles, not only do to the alien nature of the idea in Xanian culture, but also the fact that it prevents an apex from producing a children, an unthinkable fate by the Xanians. As for the testicles, they are considerably larger than those of male humans, though not as sensitive to external forces. Sperm produced inside of the testicles are able to fertilize the eggs in the apex's canubula organ, or be transferred to the paragus for conversion into egg cells. The testicles are protected by a thick layer of skin, preventing physical harm to the gonads. Therefore, any harm that comes to them will not cause physical pain to the apex.

Internal apex anatomyEdit

The primary internal reproductive organs of an apex Xanian are the prostate, paragus, and canubula. The paragus of an apex is responsible for converting the sperm cells he produces into egg cells, which are transferred to the canubula, where the eggs are held in an embryonic fluid for an indefinite period of time until which time the apex wishes to fertilize them. The paragus is capable of converting anywhere from half a million to a million sperm cells a month after the apex reaches physical maturity. The paragus and the canubula are connected together by a series of ducts, which transfer the new egg cells into the canubula which is akin to a sack filled with the fluid that suspends and nourishes the eggs until fertilization. The canubula itself can only hold up to a million eggs, though larger apexes with larger canubulas are able to hold almost twice as many eggs.

When the apex makes the decision to fertilize his eggs, a sharp shot of the hormone known as xanogene is sent to the brain, which causes the body to produce a large amount of spermatozoa. This reproductive fluid is then sent into the canubula after passing through the prostate, and begins fertilizing all of the eggs inside of the canubula. Following the fertilization, the apex only has to ejaculate the egg cells from his body into a liquid medium using semen as the carrier. No sexual arousal or gratification is needed to perform this action. The penis becomes erect before the ejaculation, and the eggs carried in the semen are shot out from the body. Because of the number of eggs needed to be removed from the body, a large volume of seminal fluid is produced to allow for this, exceeding the amount produced by either human males or Xanian nadirs.

When not having producing children, an apex is entirely capable of having sexual intercourse without fertilizing the eggs he is carrying. He can produce sperm just as easily as male humans, though his sperm as incompatible with females of other species. The only purpose of Xanian sperm is to fertilize the eggs carried by the apex. Aside from that singular purpose, Xanian sperm has no other function outside of the body. It should be noted that with regards to the prostate gland, it is considerably larger than a human male's prostate, about 15% larger. This is largely due to the fact that it is required to produce large amounts of seminal fluid needed to house the eggs in the canubula, as well as serve as the carrier for the eggs during their exit from the body, as well as creating the bulk of the fluid used in semen typically produced upon sexual arousal and ejaculation.

Sexual response cycleEdit

Compared to humans, the Xanians are generally as more active species in terms of sexual activity. Like humans, however, the Xanian sexual response cycle is the same; excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, with each stage leading to the next. Unlike humans, though, orgasm is biological for both apex and nadir Xanians, rather than biological and psychological respectfully. Apexes are generally more in control of their sexual desires whilest nadirs are more aggressive in pursuing their sexual desires. When placed side-by-side with humans, an apex Xanian is less likely to be wooed by a female than his human counterpart, while a nadir Xanian is more likely to go after a sexual encounter than her human counterpart.

In all, the sexual response cycles for apexes and nadirs are largely similar to those of male and female humans. However, for nadirs, the sexual response time is much faster than that of human females, with arousal taking about a few seconds compared to a few minutes or a few hours. For apexes, the resolution stage following orgasm is almost immediate, allowing for him to restart the sexual encounter immediately following an orgasm, similar to a female human who may begin the act of sexual intercourse without having to wait first to recover from the last orgasm. Thanks to this, an apex Xanian's rest period is almost non-existent, and does not extend with age as with male humans.

Psychological aspectsEdit

Sexuality in the Xanians does not generate the same psychological and emotional responses found in most other humanoid species similar to them. The Xanians regard sex as a pleasurable pastime and bonding experience between friends and family, largely given the fact that reproduction and sexual behavior are completely unrelated in the species. Therefore, sexual behavior has no relation to the psychological development of a Xanian. Instead, sex is considered a completely recreational act throughout the species, though the role courtesans play in reproduction by the males is different. The concept of marriage is known to the Xanians, though its role is somewhat different. Emotional and physical bonds are not a major part of Xanian bonding or a major factor in marriage. Instead, the need of the father to raise all of his offspring while caring for other responsibilities at the same time, has made marriage to several nadirs an important facet in Xanian family building. Therefore, while a spouse is not needed to build a family, having one or more is indeed a very reasonable action for an apex looking to provide the best environment for his children. As a species, sexual activity is considered a regular part of one's life, a simple action of desire on one's part with another member of his or her family.


Unlike humans, where known and acceptance of one's sexual orientation plays a major role in a person's psychological development, the same is not true of the Xanians. Male Xanians are males and female Xanians are females, and this is something known to them from the moment of their conception. Whereas humans rely on sexual orientation to determine which gender they are attracted to, the Xanians rely upon what they regard as natural given the reproductive organs they have, and use them as they were intended. Therefore, such concepts as heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality have never been developed as topics in Xanian sexuality. As the Xanians see it, all Xanians are heterosexual, though a man who is attracted to other men would be considered disgusted and his acts unnatural, given that men do not have the parts needed to perform any of sexual act on one another naturally. However, females who sought to have sexual relations with another female would be considered perfectly normal, given that they do have the parts needed to have sex with one another. Interestingly, female Xanians do not regard themselves as homosexuals nor heterosexuals, but simply desiring sex with a person belonging to a gender they have sexual relations with.

Homosexuality as a concept was long unknown to the Xanians until entering realspace, primarily do to the fact that the Xanians never viewed homosexual behavior in their species as humans do. Females of the Xanian species practice it regularly, though the Xanian do not equate this as homosexuality in human terms, primarily because the female Xanians were designed with the natural ability to have sexual intercourse with one another without the need for certain "devices". Therefore, the act is regarded as homosexual in nature, or the act of sex between two members of the same gender, but morally and culturally acceptable in that both have the sexual parts needed to be act to be natural. However, male Xanians do not perform sexual acts with one another given that male Xanians have never developed homosexual thoughts or behavior in the entire existence of the species, and they lack the ability to have sex with one another naturally, lacking the anal orifice humans possess. Thus, male acts of homosexuality would be considered unnatural and unacceptable. In broader terms, the Xanian belief that if one possesses the sexual organs to perform an act naturally, that is, either for reproductive purposes or using parts explicitly-stated to be for sexual pleasure, then homosexuality in that species would be acceptable.

For example, if a species discovered by the Xanians practice homosexuality as that is how they reproduce, or the person on the "receiving end" had the parts designed explicitly for sexual intercourse from a member of the same gender or another gender, then it would be considered natural to the Xanians. However, homosexuality that relied on having to "compensate" for parts one didn't have naturally, or to use parts of the body not meant for sexual actions (i.e. the anus of humans), then the act of homosexuality would be completely unnatural and unacceptable to the Xanians. Therefore, the Xanians do not judge homosexuality by their views of right and wrong, but by the natural limits to a species sexual actions. Thus, while Xanian females engaging in sex would be acceptable to the Xanians given the natural body parts allowing them to do so, human females doing the same would be regarded as morally bankrupt as they have no ability to have sexual naturally. Regardless, the entire act of sex is considered an activity that has no reproductive advantages, but serves primarily as a means of enjoyment and recreation. Given the physical beauty of the entire species, physical attraction and emotion insecurity are non-existent, while emotional connection via sex doesn't exist with the Xanians.

Sexuality and ageEdit

Child sexualityEdit

All Xanians are sexually active beginning from their early childhood. Unlike humans who originally came to believe that their young were incapable of sexual activity, the Xanians have long known of their young being sexually active and sexually aggressive. The Xanian mind matures quickly to keep pace with their physical development, meaning that from an early age, the Xanians are aware of their sexual needs and desires, and are quick to act on them. Around the age of two (the Xanian equivalent of a six year old), Xanian child are encouraged to act on their sexual feelings, which are at that time, stronger than in even adult humans. The Xanian libido at this point in the life of a child is not easily controlled and difficult to keep in line. Each caste has its own way of dealing with the sexuality of a child. For the warrior caste, they simply direct the child to get a grip on their desires and channel them into their aggression, whilst the priestly caste teaches the child to control their desires and remain chaste and presentable. However, it is not uncommon to find Xanian children having sexual encounters with one another or an adult, both of which are both common and acceptable.

By the time adolescence comes about, typically around the age of four and five (ages twelve and fourteen in humans), the Xanians are in much more control of their sexuality. The sexual urges in the young Xanians are very different in both genders. Female Xanian adolescents are markedly more aggressive when their sexual urges come about, while male Xanian adolescents are much more timid in comparison. All of the sexual assaults committed by the Xanians are done by female teens, while male Xanian teens are tame, given their easy access to any sexual needs they may wish to have serviced. Female Xanian teenagers, ages four to nine in the Xanians, are incredibly violent during this period of time when their sexual demands are either ignored or denied. Many turn to the prostitutes sub-caste of the workers caste to deal with their urges, while male Xanian teens have mastered control over their base desires. This aggression in females lessens as they reach adulthood, but never fades away.

The psychological issues linked to sexual abuse in humans are non-existent in the Xanians, and this can be considered by far the most important reason the Xanians have no problem with sexual activity between children and adults. The Xanians do not have view of the same "child sex play" as humans, encouraging it and looking upon it as a bonding tool for siblings. However, as aforementioned, by the time the Xanians have grown beyond their toddler years, they have a great understanding of where they came from and how child are born. Sexual interest is instead, motivated by desire as opposed to mere curiosity. Children often wear little to no clothing at youth, and frequently bathe in groups with and without the presence of an adult, meaning that there are few barriers to exhibiting their sexual desires with one another. When they are not trying to kill one another, Xanian children will often attempt to perform sexual acts to one another or with an adult.

Sexuality in late adulthoodEdit

Adult sexuality in the Xanians is different from that of humans in that their sexuality is not determined by their childhood. Instead, all Xanians are born with their sexuality "as is", and fixed in place. As a Xanian ages, their sexuality remains the same, and the amount of sexual activity they engage in either increases or decreases based on their occupation and general desire, not a lack of sexual potency. Whereas the belief that with age in humans comes a lack of sexual appetite permeates human society, the opposite is true in Xanian society. As a Xanian ages, they are expected to fully engage in however much sexual activity they please, though additional responsibilities often take up most of the average elder Xanian's time, preventing many from indulging themselves. Since martial relationships do not exist within Xanian society, the concepts of marriage and sex found in humanity are non-existent with the Xanians. However, relationships based around sex are common, and will continue well into the golden years of a Xanian individual. However, given that Xanians are long-lived, the Xanians have little concept of "old age" as humans understand it, though they do recognize wisdom and the aforementioned sexual liberties as an important factor of determining age.

As for the physical changes, Xanians do not share the same ones found in humans. As previously mentioned, Xanians are long-lived, and likewise, they do not age the same as humans, with a complete lack of senescence though a human would experience. Therefore, the Xanians do not have physically-aged members of their society as a human would recognize. Menopause is non-existent in Xanian biology, women do not have ovaries and therefore never experience the changes that come with the destruction of all remaining eggs in the body of a human female. The same is true of hot flashes which are associated with menopause. However, sexual desire and activity in female Xanians increases far more than in male Xanians, though the latter has much more control over sexual desire, which may be a factor in the lack of an increase in sexual activity for the men. Therefore, the Xanian stereotype of the "dirty old women" is relatively common when speaking of older Xanian females, easily denoted for their increased assertiveness and sexual activity. When factoring in the fact that female Xanians are already incredibly aggressive when it comes to sex, older female Xanians assertiveness often borders on sexual assault.

Xanian males never experience what human males consider a "middle-age crisis", where they feel unsatisfied with their lives and achievements. Given the weighty responsibilities they must contend with, such as the governing of billions of their fellow Xanians, the average Xanian male would find such behavior associated with the unpleasant emotions frivolous and immature. Likewise, the decrease in testosterone production is non-existent within a Xanian male. Xanian men remain physically and sexually active for as long as they live, and their reproductive potential only increases with time. An older Xanian male will gain the ability to produce even more offspring as they age, leading to larger numbers of children and the increase in the size of a household which is almost always linked to the age of its patriarch. It is at this time that a Xanian male will gain the psychological capacity that will permit him to break away from his household and establish one of his own, completely free of his father's control. With regards to sex, the heart attacks commonly associated with overexertion in older human males during sex does not happen in male Xanians, who can have sex without stop and without detriment to themselves or their health.

Sociocultural aspectsEdit

Religious sexual moralityEdit

Sexuality in historyEdit

Reproductive and sexual rightsEdit

The Xanians have a very different view of reproductive and sexual rights than humans, primarily given the radically different manner in which the Xanians reproduce and view sexuality as a species. Having no concept of homosexuality as humans know it, and lacking any form of marriage, what the Xanians view as basic rights for members of their species differ greatly for them. Given their social development as a role-driven race where one is the property of his or her household, and by extension their father, and also where their role in society is defined before they are even born, the Xanians do not understand the need for sexual rights as well. Males have limits on their reproductive capabilities based on what their father or their household has decided, while infertile males are no more than political tokens of their families. Women are considered the property of their fathers, and psychologically, are incapable of ignoring his wishes. By extension, their bodies and sexual activity can be regulated by their father as well. While males have much more psychological freedom than females, they to defer to the wishes of their father, and their sexual activity can also controlled by their father if he wishes. This is especially so when it comes to reproduction, in which the father or grandfather of a Xanian male can decide whether or not if he wishes to have one of his infertile descendants to gain fertility.

Sexual behaviorEdit

General activities and healthEdit

Xanian sexual behavior is driven by desire for sexual gratification, given that it plays virtually no role in reproductive activity, with the sole exception of courtesan activity in increasing the number of fertile male by increasing xanogene production in infertile males. Outside of that, sexual activity ranges from general interaction with fellow Xanians, physical intimacy, or sexual contact leading to masturbation and ultimately orgasm. As Xanian males and females have near total control over their sexual arousal (more so in males than females), foreplay as a concept exists, but is not considered important in the overall sexual activities of a Xanian. Species-wise, male Xanians are considered the "superior sex", given their total control over their sexual desires, reproductive capabilities, and their general rarity within the species. Flirting between by males to females or between females can arouse the sexual interest of another, however, and is a part of sexual behavior. Xanian sexual activity has no sociological, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral impact, and there is no personal bonding or shared emotions during the act of sex.

There are very few health benefits attributed to sexual intercourse within the Xanian race. The production of the hormone, xanogene, is a constant within the entirety of the male gender of Xanians, though most males only produce minuscule amounts of the vital hormone, preventing them from reproducing. Sexual activity has been shown to increase the amount produced by a male Xanian over long periods of time, though only a small increase has been noted. Intercourse with courtesans of the noble caste of Xanian were long ago discovered to have increased xanogene production to massive amounts overtime. Courtesan Xanians produce special pheromone when they orgasm, causing the endocrine glands of the male to produce larger amounts of xanogene. Because xanogene plays the vital role of serving as a sort of "fuel" to the male paragus organ, which produces egg cells, access to courtesans has been restricted given their role in aiding male Xanians gain reproductive abilities and certain political rights as a result, destabilizing the set balances of power in certain houses.

As a species, the Xanians are immune to sexually transmitted diseases, though there have been no recorded STDs in the history of the Xanians. When the Xanians discovered realspace, they were horrified by the discovery of such diseases within the species of realspace, though they opted not to move in eradicating said viruses. Given that they understood their immunity to disease, the Xanians were confident in associating with members of species possessing STDs, but not to the point of any sexual contact. Prostate cancer was eradicated as a threat to the Xanian many millions of years ago, and lack of ovaries in female Xanians have completely removed the danger of ovarian cancer from the species as well. As a whole, the disease vector humans must cope with is not found within the Xanians, and generally the Xanians trivialize such dangers given their immunity to them. Thus, for Xanians interacting with humans, they largely disregard or ever laugh at such problems, leading to much anger from the human side as they consider the Xanians has viewing their suffering as a form of comedy.

Birth controlEdit

The Xanians have no concept of birth control, and the concept of abortion itself is foreign and horrible to the Xanians. Since all offspring come from the males of the race, and they choose when they wish to have their children, the idea of birth control is meaningless to them. However, Zhauti introduced a number of ways to prevent overpopulation in the Xanian species; though Xanian males still produce millions of children within a matter of years, thus making Zhauti's work not a form of birth control, it did make it so that males no longer possessed the ability to produce billions of children like they once did early on in their race's history. The introduction of infertile males in the Xanian species as well as the courtesan sub-caste of the noble caste, was done with the intention of keeping Xanian population growth manageable. No longer would a single Xanian patriarch have the ability to have his offspring as males, and all of them fertile, they themselves going on to produce millions of fertile sons who would go on to continue the cycle, leading to stretched resources and encouraging warfare.

There do exist examples of birth control in Xanian society though, through the use of forced removal of the paragus organ in males. When a male Xanian is capable of producing children has committed a crime worthy of exiling, his paragus, the organ responsible for producing the eggs in his body, is removed by his people. This prevents him from building a force to return home with and exacting revenge on his people for punishing him. Because of the paragus' importance, removing it is tantamount to an act similar to a forced abortion or genital mutilation in human society. In other areas, the use of condoms and female birth control do not exist, as females are incapable of having children for the lack ovaries. Male Xanians can produce sperm, and could theoretically impregnate females of another species, though the chances of this are nearly impossible as the Xanians are not genetically compatible with other species, and therefore cannot produce any viable offspring with a member of another race.

Xanogene and male infertilityEdit

All male Xanians produce the hormone known as xanogene, fittingly named after Xanus, the first Xanian and forefather of the species. Xanogene is responsible for getting the paragus organ in the male reproductive system to operate. Without it, the paragus will not work, and a male Xanian cannot produce children. Fertile male Xanians can produce xanogene without issue, and have an entire organ dedicated to the production of the hormone. With infertile males, they have both the capacity to produce xanogene as well as the physical ability to have children, but they lack the xanogene needed to have them. For them, they have tiny amounts of xenogene in their body, but no ability to produce it themselves. However, the ability to produce xanogene and gain fertility lays within the grasp of all infertile Xanian men, by doing so through sexual intercourse with a female Xanian. Though any female will do, the quickest and most productive manner is through the use of a courtesan. The female courtesan sub-caste of the Xanian nobles serve the purpose of helping to regulate the infertile male population by controlling their ability to gain fertility, chiefly, by providing a quick boost to their xanogene stores.

Infertile males force their body to produce xanogene via "shock therapy", that is, through rigorous sexual activity, though the amount they produce is incredibly minuscule, as their exocrine glands do not have the ability to produce large amounts of xanogene yet. Repeated sexual encounters force the exocrine glands to produce more and more xanogene, increasing the ability of the infertile male to produce children. With a courtesan, the special pheromones only she is capable of producing fire-charge the production of xanogene in the infertile male's body, causing the amount of xanogene he produces to skyrocket at the point of climax. Over a period of about 50-60 years (200-250 years with any other female Xanian), the infertile male will gain the ability to become marginally fertile, as his exocrine glands will have been provided enough conditioning to begin producing the xanogene themselves. However, more time will be needed before the male can truly become fertile. Another 15-20 years (50-75 years with non-courtesan females) is required to gain mild fertility, and about five years thereafter for true fertility.

For fertile males, the only benefit to mating with a courtesan, aside from the superior sexual encounter, is a slight bump in the amount of eggs a male can produce at once for a short period. For them, mating with a courtesan increases the output of their paragus, and instead of producing 24,000 eggs (taking a young zharuk for example), he can produce 30,000 eggs instead. Furthermore, having sexual intercourse with a courtesan can force the paragus to produce the eggs quickly, shaving two weeks off of the one month waiting period to produce a full group of eggs. However, the limits to this are that the paragus could begin to suffer from exhaustion, as it is forced to produce more eggs in shorter periods of time that originally intended, causing great physical pain from cramps and inflammation of the paragus. Though so long as the male does not lay eggs, thus forcing the paragus to replace them, then he will not suffer from the pain. Therefore, a male Xanian and a courtesan are entirely capable of having sex for the sole purpose of enjoyment.

Sexual attractionEdit

Sexual attraction in the Xanian species is considerably different from that of humans. Humans have many views of what they consider attractive, many ranging from the minute to the bizarre. However, the Xanians have what could be considered a single, wide-ranging view of what they consider attractive, with only minor variations of it base on caste. Given the lack of homosexuality within the male gender, all males regard their female counterparts as attractive, though men in one caste might consider certain qualities attractive, while men in another caste might consider a whole different group of qualities attractive to them. Female Xanians are attracted to male Xanians, but given the difficulty of getting access to a male, who has a vast sea of women to choose from, female Xanians simply do with what they have, other females. They regard one another as attractive as a person, but not in the same manner a true lesbian, say one belonging to humanity, might view a female Xanian as attractive. The physical quality of the Xanians is near perfect, removing such traits as obesity, deformities, and imperfections from the species as a whole. Thus, there is no concept of ugliness on an individual level, and all Xanians would be considered by human standards to epitome of physical beauty and perfection.

Creating a relationshipEdit

Whereas human establish relationships based on their being attracted to one another or as a means to an end, the Xanians do not. Instead, given that marriage and courtship as a whole do no exist in the species thanks to the particular manner in which the Xanians think and reproduce, relationships are view differently by the Xanians. Establishing a romantic relationship based on the desire for companionship, procreation, and intimate connections are non-existent within the Xanian species. Instead, sexual relationships, largely devoid of an emotional connection, dominate Xanian society. Xanian males have a pool of females to choose from when they decide to have a sexual relationship, and may often choose a female they like the most for their personality and behavior, and establish them as their preferred sexual partner. She may be granted additional rations, greater living space, a larger allowance, or even moved into the harem quarters of the male Xanian if he is particularly fond of her. A strong friendship may be established between the two, and the female given a higher rank in her caste if her skills match up with her ability to please her new sexual partner.

With regards to female relationships with one another, they only lust for each other. This can best be explained as the lack of males available to the females and their largely inability to control their sexual desires, much greater than even what humans experiences, often lead them female Xanians lusting after one another to sate their sexual needs and desires. Females might choose a sister they are the closest with or who's quarters they share the most often, as their preferred sexual partner. Given that Xanians live in large groups ranging from as low a twenty to as many as fifty or sixty, privacy is a great unknown, and partnerships are neither exclusive nor mutual, and females may move between any group of women when it comes to sexual relationships. Often, physical strength is used to exercise dominance over another female, especially if she is from a lower caste, and used to force a female Xanian to become another female's sexual partner. These relationships are often determined by ease of control, accessibility, and certain personality traits and appearance.

Flirting is a common act performed by the Xanians, often to get the attention of another Xanian, most commonly found amongst women who typically must compete for sexual intimacy with another female with their sisters. Seduction plays a lesser role in the act of sexual intimacy in Xanian society. Male Xanians can easily determine who they wish to have sexual contact with, and need not bother with seduction to get what they want. This is not to say they are harsh and demanding, it simply denotes the reality of Xanian society; men clearly control the workings of their species and are a rare breed of their kind, access to a male is a great honor and a long-held desire of all females. As for females, seduction is typically a game for them. Though they could easily ask for sex with any other female, some often attempt to seduce one another as a rite of request, though most go straight to the point and ask for sexual intercourse instead, an act especially common amongst warriors and merchants. Hugging, holding hands, kissing, and caressing are all signs of love, and are common as gestures completely unaffiliated with romantic behavior. While men totally avoid performing such actions with other men, such acts by men with women and women with other women are common, both in public and in private. 

Legal issuesEdit

The Xanians have few restrictions on sexual activity, prohibiting only the most bizarre sexual acts, such as bestiality, scatology, and particular fetishes, though the Xanians have no interests in any of the aforementioned acts. As marriage in non-existent in Xanian society, adultery does not exist as a taboo for the Xanians, though they greatly respect the institution of marriage in other species, and hold those races accountable to their own laws and traditions regarding it. Sex in public is no prohibited by the Xanians. As privacy is not a norm in a society that packs its members into large groups without many walls, it is completely acceptable and incredibly commonplace for physical intimacy to take place in public areas or in the presence of others. Indeed, in the packed living quarters of the Xanians, sexual activity under or over the sheets of beds in complete sight of roommates is common and often ignored as a much a handshake would be. However, such activities are discouraged during formal events such as business, religious, and political meetings as a sign of respect.

While many species consider non-consensual intercourse to be a grave crime, which has a long-lasting psychological impact on the victim, the Xanians regard it as a completely trivial affair that is almost as trivial as fighting over a toy. Sexual assault is equally commonplace in Xanian society as the act of sex itself. Whilst men have complete control of their sexual desires as mentioned above, female Xanians are more voracious when it comes to their sexual appetite, and rape is a common action amongst women. The act of rape has no long-lasting psychological impact on Xanian females, though they do attempt to prevent the act as one would to secure their possessions. As the threat of impregnation does not exist given the lack of females to reproduce, one of the greatest fears associated with rape does not exist. However, given that females are just as capable of raping one another as a man would, they view themselves as capable of "punishing" those who have wronged them. In the end, rape is not punished by the judicial system of the Xanians, nor is it considered a serious offense, even by the victims.

Pedophilia is a common and acceptable act of the Xanians, though most Xanians simply prefer members of their own age group. There is no age of consent in the Xanian legal system, though it is unofficially accepted that a Xanian below the age of two (equivalent of a human six year old), is physically and mentally incapable of engaging in the act properly, and left alone. Xanian children above that age, unlike their counterparts in other races, are fully aware of their sexual needs and desires, as well as the act of sex itself, and are free to engage in it whenever and however they wish within the acceptable boundaries set by the Xanians. Though members of another race would be disturbed by it, it is not unusual to see Xanian children having sexual intercourse with a Xanian much older themselves. The protections afforded to Xanians previously mentioned, do not extend to other species or even other Xanian households, and Xanians frequently rape and molest members of other species and even fellow Xanians both to sate sexual desires and show their superiority over another race, especially during wartime.