The Xanian or Zheanic calendar is the official solar calendar of the Xanian Empire, and utilized in daily life by the Xanians all across the planet of Zhakar. The years are set by "cycle" and "year", with each cycle denoting a period of one thousand years, and the the three digit number representing each of the years within the cycle. There is no "one-thousandth year" in the years of each cycle, and upon the 999th year ending in the cycle, immediately starts the first year of the next cycle. The calendar's years are designated as A.Z. or Anno Zhauti, after the Xanian god, Zhauti. The Xanian calendar is thirteen days longer than the Gregorian calendar, the dominate calendar on Earth. The first year of the calendar began in 10,240 BCE, with the creation of the first Xanian, Xanus.

The current Xanian year is 12C 255 AZ, beginning 1 Zhuto 12C 255 AZ in the evening, and will end 27 Zhadan 12C 255 AZ in the evening.