Time is the by far longest distance between two places.

—Ancient Caubel proverb

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Erebus Program

The flag of the Erebus program.

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  • 1990 CE
    • The Conglomerate initiates the Gaia program, a project to terraform Venus and Mars. As the most expensive project in history, the program will take course of over a century of grueling work.

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  • 2001 CE
    • The first permanent human colonies are established on Terra's satellite, Luna.
  • 2009 CE
    • The Conglomerate initiates the Supra program, a project to create and launch the first intentional interstellar probe out of the Sol system. The probe itself had arguably the best artificial intelligence on Terra at the time, able to identify artificial signals and modify its trajectory.

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  • 2028 CE
    • The first human colonies are deployed to Jupiter and its moons.

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  • 2039 CE

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  • 2042 CE

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  • 2073 CE
    • The first human colonies are deployed to the closest ice giants of the Sol system, Ceres and Neptune.

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  • 2113 CE
    • Nuclear thermal gas-core rockets are proved viable by The Conglomerate's Space Body, allowing lower costs for orbital and interplanetary travel.

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  • 2142 CE
    • Deuterium-Tritium fusion engines become viable and are proved possible for Humans by The Conglomerate, issuing an era of space travel faster than ever, shortening interplanetary ships exponentially.

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  • 2150 CE
    • As part of the Gaia program, the terraforming of Venus is complete. Shades are kept to keep the planet's temperature ten degrees above Terra. The planet's rotation has been sped up to one day and the atmosphere has been made breathable.
  • 2159 CE
    • Through the power of the Space Body, the first antimatter rockets come into existence.

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  • 2175 CE
    • The first human colonies settle the farthest outskirts of the Sol system, especially Janus and its moons.

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  • 2183 CE
    • The Gaia program concludes with the terraforming of Mars. As the last shipments of solid nitrogen to Mars arrive, and the artificial magnetic field is constructed, immigrants flood into the newly terraformed planet in the millions from Terra.

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  • 2199 CE
    • The first beam antimatter engine, one of the fastest method of transportation physically possible, is made by Humans is produced by the Space Body.

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2200's CE Edit

  • 2207 CE
    • The Supra probe reaches Tau Ceti. It soon enters an elliptical orbit with a distance of 60 AU from the star. It successfully receives multiple radio signals and transmits the news along with any scientific data. The first human pictures are taken of the first habitable planet outside of the Sol system.

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  • 2219 CE
    • The results from the Supra probe reach Terra. Along with this, the first scientific data from another star is received. After successful transmission, the probe decides to contact the "inhabitants" of the Tau Ceti system. However, the probe is mysteriously destroyed a few days after the transmission.

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