A huge thanks to all of these people, programs, and websites that helped. They may also serve as a great starting point for your own sci-fi as well!

Science Edit -- Inspired the Motojima Ring -- A solution to planets, moons, or objects that lack a magnetosphere and need protection from cosmic rays, radiation, etc. -- A very, very old paper on habitable planets specifically for humans, helped us to see what temperatures and pressures humans can withstand. -- Used for the terraforming of Mars, although the initial procedure is altered.

Photos Edit -- The source of the beutiful pictures you see posted, an incredible simulator, and exponentially better than Celestia in every way; but mostly graphics. We recommend you check this out.

Hubs Edit - Issac Arthur -- An amazing sci-fi based youtuber who explores many concepts, from transhumanism to the Fermi Paradox.'s%20Page.htm -- A hub of the late Paul Birch's workings. These papers are essential to many concepts in this world, such as terraforming and orbital rings. -- A multi-authored online science fiction world-building project. Helped in many aspects and overall a hard, but good project to look over.