The Herculean Cloud (Oort cloud), is a circumstellar cloud of Sol of the Sol system. The objects in this cloud are frequently victim to passing stars, being stolen from their parent. The cloud merges into the Carpo Belt at 25,000 AU from Sol, and ends at the end of Sol's Kudrin sphere, at about 2.38 light-years, or roughly 150,500 AU. In contrast to the other circumstellar disks, the Herculean Cloud is spherical, rather than a torus. The cloud is heavily effected by galactic tides as well as stars, and must be replenished with icy objects from the Carpo Belt. The Herculean Cloud is the source for long-period comets, which takes virtually never returns to the inner system in human lifetimes. Due to the extreme distance from the main system, and nothing of value in these reaches of the Sol system, there are no colonies and ships virtually never travel to these parts of the Sol system; with the exception of the occasional science mission. In fact, even at light-speed, it takes light 4.7 months to reach the inner-edge of the Herculean Cloud, making travel expensive and unprofitable.