The Carpo Belt (Hills cloud) is the 3rd circumstellar disk from Sol. It is many times larger than the Titan Belt and is interior to the Herculean Cloud. Objects orbiting in this belt are mostly icy, although there are several rocky, major objects. The Carpo Belt is faintly influenced by Janus, the 9th planet from Sol. However, due to the vast distances, this effect is extremely minimal and is not comparable to the control Jupiter has on the Argusian Belt or Neptune to the Titan Belt. The Carpo Belt is responsible for the replenishment for the Herculean Cloud, as objects in the cloud are victim to passing stars and galactic tides, being pulled astray from Sol sporadically. Due to the extreme distances and lack of sunlight, objects in the belt are still being spotted to this day. Orbits in the belt range from about 919 AU to an approximation of 25,000 AU. The Carpo Belt gradually merges into the spherical Herculean Cloud. The range of orbits mean that the Carpo Belt is 11,253 times larger than the Argusian Belt and 1,308 times as large as the Titan Belt.

Largest objects Edit